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Xuanhuan: Wo, Wudi Cong Baijia Kaishi! Fantasy: I, Invincibility Starts From Home! Fusion Fantasy: I, Invincibility Starting as the Prodigal! Huyền Huyễn: Ta, Bắt Đầu Vô Địch Từ Bại Gia! Mixed Fantasy - My Journey to Become Invincible From Big-Spending Begins! Thiên Khải Bại Gia Xuánhuàn: Wǒ, Wúdí Cóng Bàijiā Kāishǐ! Я стал непобедимым с системой богатства 玄幻:我,无敌从败家开始! Mixed Fantasy – My Journey To Become Invincible From Big-Spending Begins!
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Ye Feng transmigrated to XuanTian Continent and activated the invincible big-spender system. Hence, the journey of a big spender to become invincible begins. The Sect Leader Of the Star-Spirit Sect, Luo QianXue: “I am actually a Saintess from the upper realm. I fell prey to a conspiracy which led me to be reborn in this XuanTian Continent which belongs to the lower realm. I just want to cultivate peacefully and pass the tribulation as soon as possible in order to return to the upper realm. Ye Feng, can you stop being a big spender like this? I absolutely don’t want to grow the Sect at all. You are sent by the heavens to torture me, right? Feed the long-lost 9th Grade Breaking Tribulation Pill to the dogs, Use the painting containing forms of ruthless sword arts to light the fire. Use the supreme martial arts scroll as toilet paper. Every big shot in various sects went crazy. “Sect Leader, Ye Feng is too much of a big spender. I request you to do something about him!” Rare spiritual herbs, valuable spirit mines, supreme martial arts and unlimited spirit stones. “Every treasure you dream of obtaining… I have it all! Whether to give them to you or not, it all depends on my mood. I’m just a big spender for fun.” Seeing Luo QianXue successfully pass through the tribulation… Ye Feng thought to himself: “Big spender points have been used by the system and you’ve been directly promoted to the Nine Level Of Transcending Tribulation Realm.


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